Scheduled Fuel Delivery

Rver delivers fuel to people and businesses by setting B2B accounts with companies owning vehicle fleets and keeping vehicles ready, or by offering mobile fuel stations (truck) in targeted areas.

Product Design and Branding

Lead Product Designer


Initial user type (Driver) flow to deliver fuel 

Design Objectives
(1) Create high level flows for Drivers, Customers and Operations, Iterate through key steps in each flow
(2) Design and deliver high fidelity elements for all platforms, deliver clean design workflow to transfer ownership


Drivers and trucks should be equiped with tools to help them complete routines before starting deliveries. In this case, drivers would need to confirm assign trucks and its fuel. 


• Through a web portal, Rver can manage clients, drivers and equipment to fulfill all fuel delivery requests

• 2 mobile apps for android. To help drivers deliver fuel on time and avoid fraud opportunities and one for customers so they know exactly when the nearest Rover will be in their vicinity.

• A complete design workflow and assets so Rover can continue to iterate and improve its design and experience 
Rover 1
Rover 3

Driver Pre-check Key Steps, Assignment Cards and Detail View

Rover 2

Operations portal: Assigment list, and detail view of selected truck (Driver not assigned)

Rover 5

Customer key screens to access Rover locations, no sign up required