Managing fuel station repairs

Repair Whiz is a product focused on keeping fuel stations in top condition by giving fuel stations owners the power to make requests, track and approve repairs for their station. Petronas handles request management and parts, while assigned engineers and repair contractors are scheduled based on availability.

Product Design and Branding

Lead Product Designer

original diy flow

Initial overall business process to complete a DIY and part replenishment case

Design Objectives
(1) Utilizing pre-made flows for different user types, design low fidelity key steps to complete a DIY, and a Low-Risk request for repairs
(2) Design and deliver high fidelity elements for all platforms, deliver a clean design workflow to transfer ownership

Station owner – new case creation
v1 Flow Iteration 
case create low fi

After learning that most station owners aren't up to date about all station parts, I opted to iterate on a visual approach to create a new case. The option to omit this process and use plain notes to describe their problem was used as well.

Iteration v2
Visual Selector v1
Iteration v3
Visual Selector v2
Iteration v4
Visual Selector v3
Iteration v5
Visual Selector v4

Team concluded on using visual selector (v5) and improving on other UI elements

new case creation

High fidelity case creation flow using visual selector


• Delivered a web app offering fuel stations, users, and repair case management for over 1,000 stations in Malaysia.
• A mobile app companion designed for station owners, engineers and contractors so they can oversee the completion of cases.
• A complete design workflow and assets so Repair Whiz can continue to iterate and improve its design and experience
repairwhiz splash
cases list

Repair Whiz offers complete transparency of cases and their current state, for web and mobile platforms.

RW desktop 2

Scheduling was designed to be simple and efficient. Future features I would want to research and implement would be letting the product automatically assign contractors based on a profile and SLAs (Agreements set between Petronas and station owners)

RW desktop 4

Case activity offers complete peace of mind to station owners by tracking repairs and offering all the important details