Reorganizing OpenX 

OpenX is creating marketplaces for publishers (the space) and advertisers (the content) so that they can reach as many people as possible in every device imaginable.

UX redesign by Slate Studio

Sr Product Designer

original openx

Original OpenX Website Capture

Redesign Objectives
(1) Content Audit and reorganization for specific user types, rework of navigation

Repeated user negatives: Too much information, complicated navigation, people have to piece together what we do.

(2) Redesign of key pages for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, cosidering chosen CMS and additional integrations

Repeated user need results: Must be able to control content based on region, and catered to each department in OpenX

templated blocks openx

Block Compasion Sheet for Desktop vs Mobile


• Provided key OpenX templated pages and content blocks to easily reach new leads and on-going customers.
• Reduced content pages (1000) to 100 approximately.
• Improved showcase and access to products, teams, and all documentation in any device

OpenX redesign

homepage openx redesign