Like you, user interface expert and prototype maker Thomas Philp has been continuously improving and furthering his passion for product design, but also to better understand and share his journey with his peers.


"How can I share more of what I am learning and how often? In a startup environment, should I listen to the curiosity of being a lifetime design student and ask all questions? or should I be more challenging and decisive within the dynamics of my team."

He has acquired meaningful and practical experience working in small and large teams creating products that have launched successfully into the market but also failed and learned from in-the-trenches type experiences. Thomas appreciates, and shares with peers, that learning and supporting each other are key to making successful products, and not about creating adversity within your working environments. A welcoming attitude towards your team members should be practiced everywhere, not just in the office. It's how we should be as people.

The director of marketing for Diavolo Dance theater was amazed at the results from the relaunched website his team executed and the new online presence for their brand, and she is hoping they can explode the idea into even more. His peers have called him a "remarkably efficient" designer. The creative director of The Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures has called him one of our best UI designers for his ability to bring forward the best attributes of visual design.

Thomas has collaborated with teams to create products as a user experience designer by helping to understand context and challenge, discover and research of analogous industries, assisting in stimulating ideation and creation through brainstorming activities, leading creation of traditional UX artifacts and assisting in quality assurance and testing. As a user interface designer, provided development of pragmatic and empathetically inclined interfaces, produced brand and development style guides, provided creative direction and mentoring best practices for a variety of tools to his peers, and refinement of all deliverables for MVPs.

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His successes include: Lockheed Martin, The Discovery Channel, clients for Booz Digital, clients for The Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures team and numerous clients within the creative industry.

Prior to his journey within product design, Thomas, a graphic designer by education and passion for 16 years, created and assisted in launching projects successfully for a variety of clients within the United States. Thomas is an American-born-abroad in Perú working on his third language and focusing his spare time in teaching toddlers, volunteering for nonprofits and refining his Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practice in preparation for teaching.


In 2001, I began working professionally as a graphic designer on a contract with the Department of Defense. Today, I'm making digital micro-transactions in Silicon Beach as a Sr. Product Designer. The transition from a print creative talent to a digital team oriented player was awesome! and I would love to tell you all about it. Let's chat! or just send me a tweet.

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